Royal Vienna..Germany w/ red crown. Vintage, or repo?

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    A relative is offloading things and gave me a box containing this small decorative item. The bottom is stamped Royal Vienna Germany with a red crown. I looked on a couple of Web sites and cannot tell if it is authentic or some later reproduction. The crown has the points on the baubles, and I found this mark on a Web site talking about RS PRussia, but I am in the dark about this. I don't expect it to be super-valuable or anything, just wondering if it is true vintage, or just some lower-priced souvenir she picked up in a gift shop on a trip (she can't remember where she got it). Thanks from this newbie for your help.

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    Hi Charlotte!

    Welcome to Antiquers..........:cat:

    It looks right to me, but wait for other opinions.
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    I do not think this is the "real" Royal Vienna normally marked with a beehive.

    I do think that this is imported from Germany, time period around 1900 give or take a few years. Art Nouveau style portrait vase.

    Notice it is marked over glaze with country of origin. So after 1891.
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