Runner? Wall panel? Glory to grungy

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  1. J Dagger

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    From a real deal high end antiques estate. The grungiest thing I could find there. Formerly quite glorious I’d think. They liked French things. The closest I found to this in a google image search was French 18th century. I have zero confidence this is similar in origin but just a possible starting point. Photos are really bad for some reason. I don’t recall exact length but probably like 35-40”. Wondering the normal where/when/whatnot…. 9D3F5E3B-2385-4EDE-A1CC-13FBEEF06F15.jpeg 448CD494-F4F5-4883-8FA5-5F3B6BDED1B8.jpeg B00EE60E-7625-4647-A35D-064589784D8F.jpeg 44C726C6-16B3-468A-9E75-BE78CABA45F6.jpeg
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    The fabrics look old, but I have no idea when they were sewn together. The brocade on the back does look French and old.
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    I think its Victorian with some much older fabric used .
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