S. Bent Brothers chair? Idea on age, model, style?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bryan Pittman, Mar 5, 2021.

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    Good Morning,
    I have a chair that I trying to identify and was hopeful you could help. It has a sticker on the bottom "S. Bent and Bros", photos attached. I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet trying to locate any old S. Bent and Brothers catalogs but had no luck. These chairs were handed down to my wife and no one in her family has any information on them. The house she grew up in was originally an old plantation which was turned into a school house and then turned into the home she grew up in in St. Francisville, Louisiana. I'd really like to find out more information on these chairs if possible. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.


    S.Bent and Bros.jpg S.Bent and Bros-photo1.jpg S.Bent and Bros-photo3.jpg
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    Hi Bryan and WELCOME to ANTIQUERS!!:happy::happy: I grew up with antiques, and of course, NOT paying much attention to them!!! We were either in NJ or New England, but as I recall, had chairs similar, but were NOT made of Oak, and were called Arrow backed Windsors.....and at this point, am going to pull in a few members who may know more about what You have!! @Ghopper1924, @verybrad, @blooey & @James Conrad!!!

    Am also thinking your chairs could have been from a secondary company in the Gardner MASS location, as noted on that partial label on your chair??? Some pretty decent ‘sleuths’ on here, so wait to see what they can come up with!!!
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    I think this is a duplicate thread. I just posted the following on the other one:

    "S Bent & Brothers, a furniture company established in 1867. They closed in 2000. At one time Gardner, Mass., was known as the “Chair Capitol of the World.” Other well-known furniture companies located there were Conant-Ball, Heywood-Wakefield and Baumritter, the company that became Ethan Allen.

    S. Bent and Brothers was known for producing well-made, high-quality furniture. They specialized in the style known as “Colonial Revival.” The two most common primary woods are maple and ash stained to look like oak. S Bent & Brothers were known for their well-made chairs, especially the Windsor type. They also produced dining room tables and other types of household furnishings. From the number of chairs I found in auction results, S Bent and Brothers must have made a great many Alumni chairs for a wide range of colleges and universities.

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