Featured Scandinavian maybe? pottery/stoneware vase

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  1. aaroncab

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    Signed Alf - found 3 or 4 scandinavian potters named Alf - but not sure I've found a match yet. Any ideas? 8" tall.

    Muchos thank yous!



    41701232931_a899516577_kdev.jpg 27832899808_6df9311b54_kdev.jpg 41701220261_70c1129093_kdev.jpg 27832887818_03811b0841_kdev.jpg 40983632674_634a6a965c_kdev.jpg
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  3. janetpjohn

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    Maybe just a studio potter's initials rather than a name.
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  4. Aquitaine

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    Unusual AND NEAT!!!! I Like it!!!!!
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