Sevres Plate? Is it a spurious mark or fake mark.

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  1. Francisco G Kempton

    Francisco G Kempton Well-Known Member

    The mark 'Chateau Des Tuileries' seems to be very common and I think that mark alone suggests it is a 19th century fake. I am not sure but would love to heaer other peoples suggestions and ideas.

    Is the plate of any value in your opinion. Is it Austrian?

    sev rees research 1.jpg sev res reesearch 3.jpg
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  2. JB Miller

    JB Miller Well-Known Member

    In this book from 1911 on Google books, 'Exhibition of Fakes and Forgeries', page 17, it states:

    55 Vase: "...forged factory mark of 1837 (overglaze instead of underglaze). Decorators mark of 1844 and mark of the Chateau des Tuileries. Forged throughout."

    It looks like your item has been around for a while, just not real Sevres.
  3. Francisco G Kempton

    Francisco G Kempton Well-Known Member

    Thank you J.B Miller, that is exactly what i was looking for, greatly appreciate your help.
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  4. JB Miller

    JB Miller Well-Known Member


    Here are more marks. At the top you can see your mark, on the right, on what looks like a Haviland blank. Then there's a mark with a Made In France sticker still on it.
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  5. Francisco G Kempton

    Francisco G Kempton Well-Known Member

    I was searching christies, and then tried to search Sevres plates using the Chateau de Tuileries title in the search and then found every item of which there were many in the christies that had sold was described as Sevres 'style', I could not find one that was simply Sevres, they all sold for a few thousand all the same but were each described as spurious by Christies. Valuable fakes. Eventually they will copy the fakes :)
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