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Discussion in 'Books' started by Born2it, May 26, 2022.

  1. Born2it

    Born2it Well-Known Member

    I thought I posted this before, but couldn’t find the post. Apologies if this is a duplicate. One of the books I kept:
    32CA1C86-F22C-4B0C-86AF-9BD3DC0FCBBD.jpeg 665210DA-B9BC-4F7F-8592-1BA20C903254.jpeg
    28580BD0-C324-40A6-8E52-8EF62A0F333E.jpeg 61C73AD7-6544-416B-A466-B2AF69AC3EA4.jpeg
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  2. Ex Libris

    Ex Libris Well-Known Member

    I love the marbled paper!
  3. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    Me, too!
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  4. Born2it

    Born2it Well-Known Member

    I actually have three volumes, but it seems I only took pictures of the one, and now they are wrapped up in acid free paper waiting for me to have a proper place to put them.

    The marbled paper makes my heart go pitter-pat too
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  5. Lark

    Lark Well-Known Member

    I think Shakespere's signature is found 6 times spelled multiple ways. Spelling had not been regulated until well into the 1800's I think. I also read that he never allowed his plays to be written since he didn't want them stolen so the versions we have were written by people in the audience. Not sure if all of that is true but makes for interesting story. Good choice of books to keep out of that hoard.
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  6. Matahari

    Matahari Active Member

    Making marbled paper is really easy and magical

    I taught my Montessori poppets many years ago ....
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  7. Matahari

    Matahari Active Member

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  8. Born2it

    Born2it Well-Known Member

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