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    IMG_20210223_174302.jpg IMG_20210223_174316.jpg IMG_20210223_174349.jpg IMG_20210223_174411.jpg Hi.
    I'm looking for any info about this piece. I was trying to find manufacturer from sticker at the back but no success. Last picture shows how top is attached to its side.
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    Welcome. @verybrad may be able to help you.:)
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    Pure art deco ! Love it ! I think it might be Egyptian.
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    Where are you? Where did this piece come from? Do you have any history on it? All this may help the furniture boardies help you :)
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    I had a look here
    to see their furniture models but found nothing like mine. I'm waiting for reply from Dr Catherine Griss from the Wycombe Museum. Maybe she will be able to help me.
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    Can you read the date on your label? Much of this stuff is unrecorded: my parents' chairs, for example.
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    Unfortunately there is nothing there anymore. All faded
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