Signature On Pottery Jar

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    FF15329A-20D3-4061-B925-DA004DF9288E.jpeg C431BD58-55A2-4188-AA8A-0EB2868F5A7A.jpeg B8A20089-F016-4E9D-9085-232322EFD880.jpeg 70C3DCF0-6D58-4282-A434-C9007C84F13A.jpeg Probably a studio or hobbyist piece but wonder if someone can decipher then signature?
  2. Aquitaine

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    Not sure it helps, not even sure it's English.....maybe someone else can decipher...... @anundverkaufen is often very good at deciphering!!!

    Z888 C9007C84F13AXX.jpg
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    KikoBlueEyes and i need help like this.
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