Signed oil painting on board - artist?

Discussion in 'Art' started by benbenny007, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. benbenny007

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    I'm researching this painting but with no luck. It's believed that the first name is Rita and the last name probably start with the letter S.

    There is some text on the back which is almost unreadable. I can read the name Rita folowed by S...?
    Not really sure of this so need some help.

    Can somebody maybe point out which country this was painted by looking at the boats and houses so searching the artist would maybe be easier. On the back of the board it reads Made In Sweden but this doesn't mean nothing as art suppliers were selling this all around the world. Painting was bought in the UK.


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  2. Any Jewelry

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    Peter Pruitt? Although it looks like there is something after the t.
  3. benbenny007

    benbenny007 I buy rubbish, and sell antiques

    If you look at the back of the board which reads like Rita and than following a surname starting with the letter S. It was written in pencil but is faded away so very hard to read. But I'm sure the first name is Rita.
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    Rita Smart? A better pic of the back signature head on might help.
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