Small bone carving being called Inuit

Discussion in 'Tribal Art' started by J Dagger, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. J Dagger

    J Dagger Well-Known Member

    9F7122F4-7EF1-4725-AC1A-5553F804DA5C.jpeg F5937365-A53F-4115-8D67-45011FF2ED07.jpeg 8DBB51EA-0940-4A9D-911D-82EAA927CAC2.jpeg Whale bone? Inuit, Eskimo, or something totally different?
    Would it have been used for something in particular or just a little tourist trinket? 5” long
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  2. say_it_slowly

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  3. 2manybooks

    2manybooks Well-Known Member

    I would expect whale bone to have a more evenly porous appearance. And it looks like there might be some shell inclusions on the top, back of the head. So say_it may be right that it is limestone.
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  4. Taupou

    Taupou Well-Known Member

    It has the appearance of a pumice stone carving. Pumice is volcanic, unlike limestone, which is sedimentary, and relatively soft and lighter in weight.
  5. J Dagger

    J Dagger Well-Known Member

    Exactly! To clarify it was described as whale bone by the seller and I was skeptical of that description. I figured it could be a certain bone within a whale that had a different quality though so wasn’t sure. Would Inuit have access to limestone or pumice stone does anyone know? Does the carving look Inuit to anyone?

    Edit: this photo is what I would expect from whale bone that I’m familiar with.
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  6. J Dagger

    J Dagger Well-Known Member

    ...It reminds me more of little pre-Columbian faces than anything else I’ve seen.
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  7. i need help

    i need help Well-Known Member

    Looks sort of Maori or Easter Island.
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  8. J Dagger

    J Dagger Well-Known Member

    I did see a couple Maori limestone carvings in a search I believe.

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  9. Hollyblue

    Hollyblue Well-Known Member

    Pumice stone is found in Mount Meager Canada, Oregon and Washington,hard to say where pieces traveled to though.
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  10. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    To me, it does not look inuit...or look like a whale bone carving.
  11. Taupou

    Taupou Well-Known Member

    Maori and Moai are two separate, unrelated things. Moai are the Easter Island (Rapanui) carvings of heads. Maori are the Polynesian culture from New Zealand. And to add to the confusion, moari, is a Maori game or sport that involves swinging on ropes from a high tree or post (the moari) and dropping off out over the water.
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  12. Taupou

    Taupou Well-Known Member

    Pumice stone is found all over the world, wherever there are, or were, volcanic explosions, which includes locations in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific.

    Underwater volcanic explosions as recent as August, 2019, sometimes release huge "rafts" of pumice, which float to the top, and drift the seas. In this case, it is expected to end up on the coast of Australia. So it is not unusual for pumice carvings to be found in Rapinui, Alaska, or Bali.

    Pumice is the rock that floats, so if you want to determine what the material is, stick it in water.
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  13. J Dagger

    J Dagger Well-Known Member

    Now I want to follow the floating pumice! I don’t own this piece but I’ll ask the seller if they would mind putting it in water.
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  14. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    that's a sound pumice premise... !!! Perhaps ! :wacky:
  15. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

  16. Kathy Anderson

    Kathy Anderson Well-Known Member

    Agreed; not whale bone. Looks Oceania/Islander.
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  17. Kathy Anderson

    Kathy Anderson Well-Known Member

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