Featured Small Chinese Dish - Hand thrown blue and white

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  1. John Sterling Mark

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    BB22E84B-5DF6-4714-B9CA-02B0D076BB3A.jpeg 92C8DF39-DFE1-497C-8DE1-4E315BA1CCE9.jpeg 7D04C7FB-36B9-476A-A603-F049AAC9A619.jpeg B4CC8A97-6DAA-43E3-8EDC-FE17484F68DF.jpeg 9B3044FE-ECF4-45F0-BC7A-3C3B4B0085E9.jpeg BFF99288-377B-4C66-B5D7-7C9BA96B7349.jpeg A0CF000D-79DB-4280-AA66-B52E7E7430EB.jpeg Got this at a garage sale in Connecticut. I went to pay the guy the $5 and he gave it to me for free. I’m not great with Chinese ceramics and wondering what any of you wise ones thinks about this? In addition to being hand-painted I think it’s hand thrown because it’s not level from side to side. Anyway even if it’s nothing I kind of love it.
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  2. aaroncab

    aaroncab in veritate victoria

    These are late 19th to mid 20th Chinese provincial dinner ware pieces, there's a name for the pattern but its escaping me at the moment. Common, cheap, but fun pieces.
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  3. Francisco G Kempton

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    Might it be Batik pattern? Kitchen Qing.
  4. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Batik ware is more 'blobby', like the irregular batik wax on batik tulis textiles.
    This dish does look like the later provincial ware that was also exported to SE Asia though, and could be considered Kitchen Qing.
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