Small Lacquer-on-Paper Box; Is the Decoration a Stylized Mon?

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by wlwhittier, Mar 26, 2024.

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    It's badly mottled an' faded on the exterior, but the interior is black, or near it. The theme of the illustration resembles a Japanese family crest, a Mon. I think I've seen this 3-leaf with berries as stylized in a B&W form; it was the Toyotomi clan Mon, now used officially by the Japanese Government; Paulownia leaves.
    The top pic faintly shows a 16-petal chrysanthemum in the upper right; this is repeated on the side of the box, but not shown. That chrysanthemum blossom was used exclusively during the Meiji by the Imperial family.
    This box could be post-war, or might be Taisho to early Showa era production, based on the apparent substrate. Thanks for lookin'!

    P1400857.jpeg P1400861.jpeg P1400860.jpeg
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    Nice lacquered box! I'm assuming nobody has replied yet because you know quite a bit about it already? So thought I would comment. :)
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    Thank you, Fig...I really don't know much, but did a bit of research prior to posting.
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