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Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by KikoBlueEyes, Dec 4, 2022.

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    The shop I frequent got a large donation of bronzes. Tabletop size and very well done with crispness - all newer though. They sold like hotcakes for about $50-$85 each in a day. The donation included this small (nine inches tall) bust that I thought was much nicer even it is not bronze, and the bronze color that is painted on is peeling off. Please note the colors of my photos are off because it sucked all the light in. It is really a bronze color. It sits on a little onyx stand. I'm not sure if there is a signature. I highlighted a section that might have letters.

    I'm not sure who is being portrayed. She seems to have a headpiece and she has a snake between her breasts. I have a feeling it is an older piece. Any ideas for me?

    thumbnail_IMG_8062.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8065.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8068.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8069.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8078.jpg
    thumbnail_IMG_8075 mark.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8075.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8072.jpg thumbnail_IMG_8079.jpg

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    Usually signals Cleopatra.
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    Great lead. I'll run with that. Thank you.
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