Small Pottery Jug Signed HB

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  1. kardinalisimo

    kardinalisimo Well-Known Member

    53365C01-5C43-42BF-9EC0-3D0969850801.jpeg F38DBDCB-79FF-4E44-AA76-86BD575A0C01.jpeg 09735DD0-8BBD-42C7-98DB-E3FA713DD8FA.jpeg 72417F6F-5CCA-4E64-95C5-4583FBCCEBC1.jpeg Any idea who the maker/artist may be?
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  2. kardinalisimo

    kardinalisimo Well-Known Member

    Could it be HB Quimper? Mark does not quite match their earlier ones. Also, not sure if they made such ware?
  3. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    No idea, but I'm guessing it's 1930s.
  4. kardinalisimo

    kardinalisimo Well-Known Member

    I thinks it’s
    Hedwig Bollhagen
    Now I’ll have to figure the period of production and other details that I can find.
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