Small Pressed Amber Glass Vessel, Ground Base, Vestigial Pontil: Toothpick?

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    2 1/2" high. ~2 1/8" rim diameter, which tapers ever so slightly to the top of the ~3/4" high patterned band; weight is ~96 grams. It's blown into a 4-part mold; the second pic shows 2 of those mold seams immediately above that patterned band.
    What I think is a remnant pontil scar shows plainly in pic 4; a thumbnail catches on most of that circular shallow ring. UV turns this a dark slightly reddish brown, tho' not opaque. Capacity is 3 oz, brim-full.

    If not a toothpick, was it for 'medicinal' spirits, or? Is the pressed pattern common, or proprietary? Can anyone say when it was made, an' by whom? I collect shot glasses but haven't seen one of that capacity or form. As always folks, thanks for lookin'!

    P1390805.jpeg P1390803.jpeg P1390804.jpeg P1390806.jpeg
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    EAPG daisy & button pattern.....might be Bryce brothers....
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    Thank you sincerely, TallCakes! I am most grateful for your Spot-On identification...
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