Featured Smithsonian Article on Norval Morrisseau Forgeries

Discussion in 'Art' started by 2manybooks, Apr 1, 2024.

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    Very interesting article. Apparently one of the largest art fraud schemes ever - possibly as many as 10,000 fake paintings.
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    very interesting....... a good conclusion to the years of back and forth online , discussing this very thing. !!

    "Rybak determined that Voss hatched the plan around 1996, forging paintings and selling and consigning them before amassing a team to produce fakes across Ontario and Alberta."

    So, mine, bought in a private sale in 1991...... said to be from 1975...... is looking much better these days !!;)...:happy::happy::happy:
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    Good read but wasn't expecting it to be so long. I sold a small Morrisseau many years ago and, now, wonder if it might have been a fake. Tried to see if I still had a pic in archive but no luck. I bought it at a local thrift store so had absolutely no provenance.
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    I found one of the saddest things is that he was victimized in part because he was a Canadian First Nations artist; the fakers were saying things like "he's Native and drinks a lot so he probably can't remember what he painted."
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    Here's a link to a 2 hour ducumentary:

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    This one has provenance going back to 1973 IMG_0185.jpg
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    and acid matts.........;)
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