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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Bobcat, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Bobcat

    Bobcat New Member

    Let me begin by saying that my parents used to do yardsale'ing, flea marketing, and antiquing in the 70s and 80s. They collected a large collection of depression glass, bottles, and pottery. I came across this glass piece, and I honestly have no idea what it is. As you can see from the photos it's green like depression glass green, there's no pattern or hint of one though. Could very easily have nothing to do with depression glass, but i found it mixed in with it. It's 5 inches long, it's about 1 inch tall, the front cup portion without the handle is 2 inches across. Any help at all would be appreciated, I'd just like to know what to call it so I can research it more, or even what it's function was. We've thought maybe a dipper, or even a candle holder? Thanks for your time!

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  2. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    It's a ladle and could have been part of a punch bowl set.
  3. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    And I doubt that it has anything to do with "the depression."

    Welcome to Antiquers, Bobcat!
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  4. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    Uranium glass?
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  5. yourturntoloveit

    yourturntoloveit Well-Known Member

    Bobcat said: "It's 5 inches long, it's about 1 inch tall, the front cup portion without the handle is 2 inches across."

    Given that the dimensions are (soooo) small :rolleyes: . . . "cup" 1" tall and 2" across" all I can say is that the contents of a punch bowl (even during the prohibition era) would cause that "ladle" and the person holding the ladle to really work for a very small amount of whatever is in the punch bowl.
  6. Sandra

    Sandra Well-Known Member

    I think it's the ladle to a mayonnaise set. Sometimes seen in the depression and elegant glass books with a matching bowl.
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  7. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, that is rather too small for punch isn't it? :rolleyes:

    How about for scooping mayo or mustard out of a bowl?
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  8. Sandra

    Sandra Well-Known Member

    A quick search of eBay shows 38 same and similar ladles described as mayonnaise ladles, some are this same shade of green and some are with the matching bowl.
  9. Bobcat

    Bobcat New Member

    Holy wow you guys wrapped that up real quick, in time it took me to eat my dinner! Mayonnaise Ladle, I've never even heard of such a thing, thanks so much everyone for your help!!!
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  10. Sandra

    Sandra Well-Known Member

    Check carefully through your parent's stash of depression glass, you just might have the matching bowl.
  11. Aquitaine

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    Hi @Bobcat, and WELCOME to ANTIQUERS!!!!!:):):):)
  12. judy

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    Hi Bobcat!

    Welcome to Antiquers..................
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  13. Marie Forjan

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