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    My step dad past away many years ago and before he past away, he told my mom that inside a shadow box on top of china cabinet were metals and pins that he got at flea markets and gun shows that were worth around $3500. That is what my mom told me. She told me to find out more about it and its worth. I found this particular metal Sons of Veterans metal inside a picture frame I went online but I could not find this exact one. I did my best to get close ups of the inside but my camera distorts the pictures. Thank you for your assistance in this request. Rob
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    The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army (United States Army), Union Navy (U.S. Navy), Marines and the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War


    Sons of Veterans medal..

    upload_2019-7-22_2-24-9.jpeg ..yours....

    Pricing & History

    DESCRIPTION : This is an original Civil War Veteran's Reunion medal with ribbon and bar. On the back side of the medal it reads: 35 th NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT GAR 1901 CLEVELAND, O. On the front of the medal is an emblem with an eagle on top and an SV in the center with the latin words GRATIA DEI SERVATUS and the date 1881. On the front of the ribbon in gold gilt printing is SONS OF VETERANS. Stamped on the back of the medal is the manufacturer's mark: Schwaab S. & S. Co Milwaukee.

    The medal is two types of non magnetic metal: one center round silver colored and one surrounding brass colored with embossed design. The nicely designed bar across the top is gold toned non magnetic metal with a small black stone in the center. Measures 3 1/2" in total height, the medal 1 11/16" in diameter, and the bar 1 1/8" across.
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    Looks like these were one of about forty varieties of badges made to be awarded, distributed, and mainly, sold to supporters and attendees as souvenirs of the thirty-fifth National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, held in Cleveland in September 1901:

    It cost the organizing committee $225. to have 1,350 "Sons of Veterans" badges made. Can't say what one's market value is today, but there are sales of related items on Worthpoint:

    ... and sales and offerings here, whatever this is:

    ... and offerings on eBay:

    Hope that helps get you started...

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    komokwa The Truth is out there...! you could not find it...and we found several in's beyond me....:yawn:
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    You can't rattle me. Rob
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    Thank you for your help and letting me know that my step dad's metal is missing the top piece. I had found one online before I made this thread but it was not in as good a shape but did have the top piece but had not sold for the $110 amount the person was asking for so I was unsure based on quality and price
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    The wikipdedia was an interesting read particularly about the SUVCW. My step dad started one in his hometown. For one thing, he did not like the long drives to Maryland to go to them. So, he started his own in his hometown as well as the historical society. One of the things he had to do was get enough people to join. He was a former police officer and a retired DNR officer so he knew how to investigate and do research. He found that on my mom's side of the family a relative in the Civil War who was a 2nd lieutenant. After his enlistment, he joined the National Guard and retired as a captain. Just an interesting fact about my relative. Rob
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    I guess I would have to joint worthpoint to see the prices. Thank you for the help and education. My dad told my mom on his deathbed that he has inside a locked shadow box on top of the china cabinet $3500 in pins and metals he picked up at flea markets and gun shows. Rob
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    "I had found one online before I made this thread but it was not in as good a shape but did have the top piece"

    That's not what you said in your opening post.......

    You said..
    " I went online but I could not find this exact one"

    Now , I can only go by what people say here...& take them at their word, so in an effort to help you I did some research & came up with photo's and descriptions , as others did as well, in a very short time period.

    Had you stated in your opening that you had already found one online..... my observation of your skills at searching for this item , would never have have been posted or even thought of.

    You changed your story...............that's not on me !

    I was as helpful to you as any here............. that will now change too.
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    It didn't measure up. So, no I did not find it. Don't go and try to put me in a corner and call me a liar. Just ignore any future posts I put up for now on and quite trying to read into them your opinions. rknarr
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    I didn't call you a liar............ nor did I make any effort to rattle you....
    but you do seem very upset.....& I'm sad it's come to this .

    I will do as you wish............... Live Well !
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    Using the word Medal instead of Metal might have helped.
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    I doubt it. People knew what I meant and the pictures were obvious to what I was looking for. Some people are just nick picky.
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    Saying My stories changed and Now , I can only go by what people say here...& take them at their word. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Questioning my efforts
    by saying ...and we found several in minutes. Like I said will not rattle me.
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    “Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.” Ok
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