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  1. moreotherstuff

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    I think political cartoon on the first is a possibility. The others are interesting and, I think, more skilled in execution. I don't see any two being from the same hand. I also don't see any apparent continuity between the images.
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  2. pearlsnblume

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    well, when I first saw the first one it reminded me of the unfortunate and racist ads for promos that were made to degrade African Americans. I don't know if I am right or not, but that is what came to my mind.
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  3. Debora

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  4. i need help

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    CDA088CC-ADC0-4F18-95D8-ACCEB4A7C6B5.jpeg Is there something written here?
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  5. Dave47

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    Exaggerated nose, dark skin, huge red lips, fuzzy hair - sure looked like a caricature from here. The British allowed "minstrel shows" well into the modern era (The BBC "Black and White Minstrel Show" lasted until 1978).


    And "magic lantern" is a general term. Not a "trade name". They go back hundreds of years.

    So UK racism went on long after it was improper in the US.
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  6. Debora

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    Still don't see Black Americana.

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  7. komokwa

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    a thing of the past....... not so much !

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  8. Dave47

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    Black Victoriana? I wonder what the batch number was on the specific slide - as it is missing a large piece apparently. Is it marked "Ilford"?
  9. pearlsnblume

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    The more I look at it, the more I am convinced the first one was that racist stuff.

    Not too long ago, I was at a sale and overheard someone spewing some racist garbage about Obama. And then more recently I was at a sale and this guy was shooting his mouth off about his favorite Nazi show. My skin was crawling and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
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    If there's a signature in this circled lower left corner, it's not too clear to most of us............

    X2ZZZZZZ CDA088CC-ADC0-4F18-95D8-ACCEB4A7C6B5-edit.jpeg
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  11. daveydempsey

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    Not a signature, it is adhesive residue from when the tape border was applied.
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  12. Any Jewelry

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    I think the man with the big nose is a caricature of a British poiltician of the day, which could be 1906 or earlier, since the orginal prints are probably older. He would still have been a recognizable figure in 1906 though, otherwise what was the point of making a slide.

    If he is meant to be of (part)African descent, which I am not convinced of at all, the only British politician I could find who fits that bill had a moustache on all the photos I saw of him. And he didn't have a big nose.
    Many other British politicians did have fairly big noses.:playful:
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