Spoon, help identify, what country/year?

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    ] Can someone help me identify this spoon? For me as a swedish person it looks like a ”supsked”. The size is: 15 cm. The spoon have a mark.

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    Good chance it's Swedish or nearby, old Scandinavian spoons tend to have largish bowls and short stems, would be for eating pretty much anything, possibly the owner's only spoon, the pricked engraving common. With the rat-tail and oval bowl, wouldn't really date to earlier than the mid 17th century, and would guess late 17th to early 18th (Scandinavians hung onto fig-shaped, rather than oval, bowls a bit longer than most. Not able to investigate the mark right now and my Swedish references are meager at best - most likely a town mark.

    Nice piece...

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    I'm a bit bothered by that flat top and the overall scale - does it show any indication that some type of finial may have been removed? Not that it couldn't be flat like a seal-top, but somehow I keep wanting it to have a bit more - a head or figure, or something simple like a ball or a twist...

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