Featured Sterling broken pottery pendant, can you tell me anything about it?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Elen Beattie, Feb 12, 2023.

  1. Elen Beattie

    Elen Beattie Well-Known Member

    Hi all! Picked up this pendant today for a few dollars, had a feeling it was silver but no markings (was almost black with tarnish). It did test as silver. Can you tell me anything about the pottery shard? I assume Asian, but have no idea. These pendants are usually artisan/relatively modern right? Measures 2.25"L x 1.5"W, I added the snake chain. Thanks :)
    327277269_3417058511896980_8861966449931524470_n.jpg 327456649_945454869780967_1902922949134272412_n.jpg 327328826_504185465002210_6083490835420741229_n.jpg 328078051_2782971135169766_6366392461320754346_n.jpg 328226135_1634883683682256_2951788477033912829_n.jpg
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  2. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Jewellery made from Chinese/Japanese ceramic shards are a thing.
  3. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Yup, sherd jewellery. The pieces can be several hundred years old. That's a chrysanthemum, so probably Japanese.
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  4. IvaPan

    IvaPan Well-Known Member

    It is very nice and I don't see where it is broken...
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  5. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    It is a piece from something larger, like a porcelain plate or cup, that got broken. It has been filed down to make the shape regular & the edges smooth.
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  6. IvaPan

    IvaPan Well-Known Member

    Ah, now I understand, thank you Bronwen! The word "broken" refers to the pottery, not to the pendant :)
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  7. Lark

    Lark Well-Known Member

    My Mother brought back many of those from Indonesia. That is a particularly nice one. I am glad that make use of those pieces.
  8. Elen Beattie

    Elen Beattie Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone! Agreed @Lark it's a nice way to preserve history in jewelry :)
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  9. J Dagger

    J Dagger Well-Known Member

    That is a nice one! As to where they get the shards I heard somewhere recently some of it is collected from the old kiln sites. Anything that came out of the kiln damaged (or when from an imperial kiln just slightly imperfect even) they would smash it. So every kiln site has large areas of shards now buried beneath the surface. These waste pits are actually how much of the academic research is accomplished on when and where things were made. Turns out that a huge amount of the worlds information on Chinese ceramics was wrong until real academic archaeological digs were finally done in China on these sites to correct the record.
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  10. Elen Beattie

    Elen Beattie Well-Known Member

    This is really interesting, thanks for sharing!
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