Teak dining set identification

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Julie Scherz, May 26, 2022.

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    Welcome aboard Julie! I’m no expert, but I have learned enough to know that the experts will want pictures of the underside of everything, closeups of joints and hardware, and of any sort of mark or stamp. Afraid all I can tell you otherwise is what you already know. It’s an attractive set.
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    I found two sets of these chairs online but neither included an attribution I would trust. One seller showed a tag for a very well known Danish chair maker but I was unable to find another example attributed to that maker so I think it was an error. Do your chairs have any marks or tags? Check very carefully on the frames under the seats. Here are the links to the two sets I found:



    The table looks like ones I've had made by Ansager Mobler of Denmark. They sold many examples of these draw-leaf teak tables in the US and usually marked them with an "AM" ink stamp somewhere on the underside.
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