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    I’ve always liked Science Fiction and Fantasy art. When I found this, I hoped it may have been used in some pulp publication. I liked its look, so it came home with me.

    But first, this is what I learned about the artist on the internet. Compiled from many sources, this creates a currently better picture of her journey.

    Teresa (Tess) Sylvia Razalle Carter (American, 1888-1972)

    Artist Teresa Sylvia Razalle was born in Los Angeles. Her family moved to Santa Monica where her father died. At about 16 years of age Tess began supporting her mother (also an artist) as an artist and saddle maker. At some point opening an art studio and began making a name for herself. She married Fred William Carter, a photographer.

    In 1927, an announcement in the Santa Monica Outlook names her as a co-chair in a Day Of Art presented to the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club. Razalle’s name begins to make regular appearances in this newspaper. Her Fourteenth Street Studio was a hub of the arts in Santa Monica, hosting fine art events. Tess taught, and displayed her paintings and sculptures in the studio, as-well-as Carter’s photography, and other’s works. Newspaper accounts continue in the Outlook throughout the 1930s, She remained active in the arts, though I found no further details on the internet after 1944. There is a biography available via microfilm at the Santa Monica Public Library, also from the Outlook, 03/05/1955 : 9.

    Looking at auction sales of her works, I have not encountered a sculpture yet. There is a image of her with several golfer statues. Of her auctioned painted images, the scenes include coastal, nudes, missions, mythological, and mystical scenes. A children’s book with 15 pencil renderings was published 20 years after her passing. She was certainly a creative force in her region.
    Razalle.png Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.31.40 PM.png

    Other notable accomplishments;

    In 1933, the USS Constitution docked in Santa Monica, California as part of its "thank you” tour to everyone who, from 1925 to 1930, helped raise almost $1 million to restore the deteriorating vessel. To commemorate the frigate's visit to Santa Monica on October 5, 1933, a plaque was affixed to its mast. The plaque designed by Tess Razalle, reads: Commemorating the visit of Old Ironsides to Santa Monica Bay, October Fifth, Nineteen Hundred Thirty Three. "Constitution" reconstruction made possible by the children of the United States of America. This plaque presented by the children of Santa Monica California;
    Ironsides 1933.png

    In 1937, the City of Santa Monica chose two designs and merged them together creating the City Seal. Razalle’s design was one of the two, and was installed in the City Hall’s foyer in 1939;
    Santa Monica City Seal 1939.png

    Between 1943 and 1944, Tess created murals for the Crescent Bay Summer Camp at Camp Josepho. They depict local Scouts with the Pacific Ocean as the background.
    Camp Josepho Murals 1943.png

    This brings us to the image I brought home. The title is "Riddle Of Life", undated, 24"x30".

    A few of the images in the supplied compilation share this new expression. There’s no telling what an artist will conjure up!
    Front.1 full.png Back.1.JPG Back.2 ID.png

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    Great find James, It's awesome

    You know it's something good when you can't stop looking at it !!
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    since when is my tummy..good ??? :banghead::banghead:
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    Her life was an artistic journey. What an amazing find and thanks for the information!
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    I found another image to add to this thread. The sale noted it was c.1927.
    razalle c.1927.jpg

    The B&W image in the original post was one of several in that sale. They also mentioned illustrations in a book called Sandy of Siam. I was hoping to see those B&W images in that book. So I bought a cheap copy on-line. Nope, but here's an example.
    Razalle - Sandy book.png

    Thanks for looking.
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    Thank you for sharing. I have not seen all of these. She is my Great Grandma. I have a couple sculptures of hers as well
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    Your GG was very diverse and a force within her sphere. I'm glad that you have seen some more of her work via this post.
    Great to hear from you!
  8. Roaring20s

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    When you have a chance, please show us the sculptures that you have from her!
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    Hey sis.trying to figure out how to look at biography
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