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    The Basiliscoe Mercury342

    TheInternet newsletter for the arms and armour community

    Museums and historical sites are beginning to open up. News stories percolate through, with updates from earlier projects. Sales beginning to re-appear, and the odd exhibition. And important book on Dutch cannon is published.

    Arms and armour in the news

    Ancient arms & forts

    Hand axes of east Africa

    Early medieval fortifications found in Poznań, Poland

    Beasts of assorted varieties…

    Uses for 323 dead reindeer: No1

    Horsemanship in the Bronze Age

    Grave stories

    More on medieval arrow injuries

    Princesses and Amazons

    Women in the crusades

    Through the arrow-slit . . .

    More great walls in China

    Restormel castle

    Inscription found in Teutonic Knights’ Cēsis Castle in central Latvia

    Restoration of Põltsamaa castle, Estonia

    Remains of a later, previously unknown, castle found at Oud Haerlem

    Watch tower in the Emirates restored

    Clearing Hue Citadel

    Café Basiliscoe- thebar’s open!

    The Norman diet

    Sarsaparilla Beer,

    Or Bernard Castle brew

    Ice cream to round off- not forgetting thesaltpetre


    Possible winter camp of Genghis Khan identified

    Navajo nation buying Remington?

    Into the 20th century

    WW2 aircraftidentified

    Nautical news

    New docudrama about Irelands Armada wrecks

    Maps of the Spanish Armada up for sale and export

    More on the Mentor

    Museum news and exhibitions


    Coping with C19

    Preparing to re-open

    Museum musings

    Dutch museums decolonize

    Conservation corner

    Grant for x-raying maritime finds


    Portrait of Mehmet II returns to Istanbul

    What they found under Robert E Lee’s statue:


    Sweden, Europe and the 18th century


    Nico Brinck: Kannonnen van Nederland/Guns of the Netherlands.

    Contact for details, costs and postage

    Marc Romanych & Martin Rupp: World War II German Super-Heavy Siege Guns

    Medieval book of the month club: Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century, by Steven Muhlberger.

    Online books

    Jean Deloche: Studies on fortification in India

    New article added to the last ICOMAM MAGAZINE

    Popular culture


    Sales, fairs and auctions

    30 July 2020 Arms and armour sale, London

    Websites and downloads

    Enjoy a virtual tour of 16th century London

    Passing the time in ancient Egypt

    1066 etc: 100years’ war, and crusaders’legacy


    This fortnight I tweeted on cannon and monuments- more to come.

    Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown –16 July 2020

    Some people have asked me about making a contribution to the Newsletter – if you would like to support us, you can make a donation here through our Paypal account – see here for details:
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