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    The Basiliscoe Mercury350

    TheInternet newsletter for the arms and armour community

    A good selection of stories, despite the increase, round Europe at least, of the public being locked down and museums closed again. A round up on the new Norwegian Viking ship, various stories on WWs 1 & 2, and memorials. Plus some tournaments.

    Arms and armour in the news

    Ancient arms and war

    Mushroom picker finds Bronze Age sword in woods- change from lakes!

    PTSD in Assyrian times

    Archimedes and the siege of Syracuse

    Excavating ancient fort in Iran

    Tombstone of Roman veteran found in Bulgaria

    Beasts of assorted varieties…

    Prehistoric engravings of bison found in Spanish cave

    Chariot racing in AncientRome

    Mongolians and their horses

    Grave stories

    A spooky visit to the Tower of London

    Battlefield corpses

    Through the arrow-slit . . .

    What they have found in Shrewsbury Castle

    Last castle in Wales built to protect ironmaster from his workers

    Research on Saffron Walden castle made available


    Egyptiancastle opens to public

    Hexagonal keep’s foundations found in Bulgarian excavations

    Feature on the Great Wall of China

    Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

    Dangers of restoring German castles

    Chinese cannon for sale (sold by now – update- did not sell)

    19th century breechloaders in Indochina- photos

    Reproduction cannon stolen from Fort Klock

    Princesses and Amazons

    Portraits of Queens of France

    Hunting for prehistoric women

    Where Henry VIII nearly came acropper

    Into the 20th century

    WWI pigeon’s message finally delivered

    Searching for the grave of UK’s first black officer

    War memorials get protected status

    Scottish places in WW1 & 2

    Part of a spitfire washed up on a Dutch beach

    Nautical news

    Update on the Gjellestad ship and its surroundings

    Cannon recovered from Spanish waters

    In search of Martin Frobisher’s fleet

    Feature on the Mayflower

    Svalbard’s wrecked whalers vanish

    The sinking of the William Humphries off Canna

    Museum news and exhibitions


    English museums close in second lockdown

    German museum directors object to their closures

    Thefts of Nazi material from Dutch museums

    New museums

    National Museum of the Army opens in the US

    New museum planned for Benin City

    Museum developments

    Making a touchbook

    Museum musings

    French government vote to return colonial era artefacts

    New book discusses the roll of museums in colonial history

    Conservation corner

    Restoring the clock at Gretna’s munitions works

    How to keep old skills alive


    Musket cache found in Lochaber- Jacobite?

    Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Ladies, treat yourself to a lipstick gun


    Philip Weir: Dunkirk and the Little Ships

    Online Book

    Travels of Henrietta Liston

    Popular Culture

    Classic WWI films

    Mail is back in fashion

    The Art Newspaper suggests some Christmas gifts for you



    ICOMAM conference –Toledo, Spain

    New dates 17 – 21 May 2021

    Sales, fairs and auctions

    2 December 2020 London

    Antique Arms, Armour & Militaria

    3 December 2020 London

    Antique Arms, Modern Sporting Guns & Exceptional Firearms

    7 – 11 December 2020 Munich


    Websites and downloads

    Early modern maps available online

    1066 etc: Peasants v Knights, Crusades & Edward III


    This fortnight I have enjoyed Look Up London’s tweets and pretended I could still travel beyond Leeds: @Look_UpLondon

    Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown –14 November 2020

    Some people have asked me about making a contribution to the Newsletter – if you would like to support us, you can make a donation here through our Paypal account – see here for details:
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