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    1 - There will be absolutely no cursing or swearing allowed.

    2 – . All Antique Forum members, young, old and in between, will treat all other members with respect and be civil at all times, .

    Cyber bullying will not be tolerated. And it is up to the sole discretion of the Moderators as to what does, or does not, constitute cyber bullying; as are the consequences for such.

    3 – Self Promotion – self promotion is not permitted. * See exceptions

    A - Offers to buy, sell or trade by individuals and/or dealers are not permitted in any way, shape or form in threads and/or posts. If you wish to make such an offer, contact the other party by Private Message or email.

    B - Posting links to personal sales sites is not permitted. A personal sales site may be defined as any web site of a business that you own, or the site of a business that you work for, or are affiliated with in any way, that offers items for sale.

    C – Posting contact information such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses in threads and/or posts for the purpose of making sales or advertising is not permitted.

    D – SPAM is not permitted !!

    Exceptions –

    A - If you are an Antique dealer or you occasionally sell Antiques, or you own a web site or business that sells Antiques, you may have a link to your web site or contact information in your Personal Profile.

    4 – Multiple posts and/or threads.

    If you have a question, please, first consider the appropriate section of the forum to place your question. If you don’t know, that’s fine, just the pick the one you think is best. However, it is only necessary to ask your question or make your comment ONCE ! Please do not make multiple posts or threads on the same subject, even if they are in different areas or forum sections. Somebody will see your question or comment no matter where you put it and provide an answer if they can.

    And please, use some patience. Not everybody is on-line every minute of the day. Usually a question will be answered within a few hours at most. But if your question is not answered immediately, be patient. Some members only visit the site every few days.

    5 – Signature lines

    Signature lines may contain a link to a website which you own or otherwise control, or of your employer. Signatures are not to be used for advertising pitches. They can however be used for informational statements which reflect your character, or other tasteful information about yourself or your collection. Signature lines may never contain political comments be they endorsements and/or derogatory in nature.

    6 – Avatars

    You may use what you wish as your avatar as long as it conforms to forum guidelines. Avatars of a political or pornographic nature will not be permitted.

    Avatars may not be used for advertising or for linking to other web sites.

    Subjects we don’t discuss here

    Basically it’s common sense. Just about every person on the planet has heard the saying – “never discuss politics and/or religion”. Why ? Because it starts fights, arguments and causes nothing but hate and discontent. If you wish to discuss politics and or religion, then go someplace else. We don’t allow it here.

    Threatening other members of the Antique Forum , its owner or moderators is absolutely not allowed. This includes threats of violence, either physically or financially, as well as threats of lawsuits. Threats will be treated on a case by case basis, but may result in the immediate and permanent banning of the threatening member.

    8 – Copyright violations

    Copyright law is very specific. It clearly states that any article may not be copied or reproduced without the express written permission of the author or holder of the copyright. And contrary to what you might think – everything is copyrighted, including pictures. What that means is that if you find what you think is a neat or very informative article or picture on another web site and you wish to share it with your friends on Antiquers – you CANNOT just copy & paste that article on Antiquers.
    It is against the law.

    If you wish to share, please by all means do so. But do so in the right way. Copy the first sentence or two and paste them if you must, but it is preferable to just use your own words as an introduction and then post a link to the article you wish to share. Or a link to the picture you wish to share.

    9. The use of more than one ID is not allowed, no multiple ID's.

    NOTE - Antique Forum has an infraction system. Break the rules and you may, or may not, based on the moderator's discretion, be given an infraction for rule violations. Infractions carry points, and those points stay with you for a given period of time - again discretionary. Anyone who acquitres 10 points is automatically banned from the Antique Forum,. That ban may stay in effect for a limited period of time, again discretionary, or it may be permanent - meaning you will be banned forever.

    That said, 99.9% of the members will never have to worry about this. It's pretty simple, follow our rules and you will never be given an infraction. Typically infractions are only ever given to those who blatantly and/or repeatedly break the rules.
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