Featured This is my prize possession 1929 7 tube Phillips radio

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Elizabeth Brushia, Dec 5, 2023.

  1. Everyone has some thing in this field they love to show off and this is my piece. It is in working condition as an engineer replaced I’m working or unsafe parts. I get two working a.m. stations, but the best part is he made a box that could connect an iPad and play your personal music. I haven’t found another in working condition, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’d love a value just in case it’s a last resort or for insurance purposes. Thank you for looking

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    Very nice. Condition is everything with these. Values are all over the place from under $100 to $350.00 in the right market. Values are very region and venue specific. Brands and models do make a difference. Zenith console radios are the sought after brand, though all consoles are in in less demand than portable radios.

    This one from the same era sold for $160.00.

    Art Deco Mahogany Case Philips Floor Model Radio: - Oct 16, 2016 | Phoebus Auction Gallery In Va (liveauctioneers.com)

    If you have a model number, we might be able to find an exact comparable.
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    .... so its a Philco? Title says Philips. No wonder I did not find it. :confused:
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    In its day that was the entertainment center for the household. Those old radios used to be able to pull in anything in the area to be pulled. With the right conditions, sometimes anything out of the area too. I've heard of AM signals being picked up 3000 miles away.
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    Nice thing. I find it very pleasing aesthetically. Amazed they sell for so little. Although I guess dark wood is not so collectable at the moment. Can't help but nosy at all your surrounding nick nacks and I am intrigued by the long legged stalk type thingy...
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    "stalk"... I think Chinoiserie may mean "stork", though it's possibly a heron?
    It is intriguing!
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    Or maybe it is stalking the radio?;)
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    60905942_1089426781243929_392243179706908672_n.jpg late 20's to early 30's sets just bring lower prices - Art deco 1935-40 with strong design elements bring the money and high tube counts radios are quite sought after. Be clear, there are early sets that folks desire greatly . . . pioneer engineering from firms like Western Electric 1910-20. I myself have bought and sold many radios and am a member of ARC and NEARC clubs & written some 25 articles for them. Your set is a classic early AC powered radio, nice smaller size, from a giant in the industry, Philco.
    Here my '32 Majestic Gothic set, 11 tubes, backlit glass panels - a rare radio.
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    Bet it works like a champ too. Does that one, or did that one, pull in short-wave signals too?
  13. I could obviously use glasses… sheesh I had to go look again! Here is the back and I thought I’d throw in the heron( which I could easily be wrong there too:) I do that all the time see something on marketplace but I am looking behind it at the cool stuff on the shelving lol

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