Tiny Glass Dolphins

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  1. John Brassey

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    These are not very old but they are fine quality. The stand is 5x7cm and the height about 5.5

    I can’t find another example.

    Does anyone recognise them?
    IMG_5173.jpeg IMG_5176.jpeg IMG_5174.jpeg
  2. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    I do not know who made them, but I do not think they were made by Robert Wyland. They may have been made by an associated company. For a while, what I would call a "lesser" company (Dakin) was doing some smaller dolphin works and calling them "Wyland" so I am not sure if that company was affiliated with him or not. This resembles a Dakin piece but I don't know if they blew glass.

    Robert Wyland worked in all medias. One of his whale murals may still exist in New Orleans. His Lahaina, Maui shop burned, but I met him at that gallery years prior, during the BP gulf gusher time period. He was concerned about the Gulf of Mexico, as we all were.

    Dakin came along many years later and they were rather high quality and well made. IMO, they were a bit "off" in artistic accuracy of detail. Sort of like a child's version / children's less expensive collectible. I would take a guess that you have a Dakin. Especially since you didn't mention it was signed. I think Wyland signed everything twice LOL, not sure though!
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