TOOL for LOCKS or KEYS? Need help figuring this one out :)

Discussion in 'Tools' started by Studio Antiques, Feb 15, 2024.

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    IMG_9559.jpeg IMG_9560.jpeg IMG_9561.jpeg IMG_9562.jpeg IMG_9563.jpeg IMG_9565.jpeg IMG_9566.jpeg IMG_9567.jpeg IMG_9568.jpeg IMG_9569.jpeg We picked up this gadget but are not certain of its function. The words seem to be lock related. The gauge moves right and left making the cut out at the bottom open and close.

    Appears to be hand made and stamped. Solid brass. About 4” in length.
    Any ideas? Would love to know more about what we have. THANK YOU to everyone for their help!! :-D
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    But I can relate to alzheimers
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    terry, seriously thats so insensitive to talk about, what were we talking about again ?
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