Featured Trio of alexandrite perfume bottles - maker? age?

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    I gotta stay off of the internet - lol - won these off the GW internet shopping site. They were just listed as "lavender" perfume bottles but I had a sneaking suspicion they might be alexandrite - and turns out all 3 of them are! Woop.

    Anyhow - trying to perhaps pin down the age/maker on each of them. Two of them came with long clear glass stoppers that I doubt to be original to them, but fit the openings fairly properly. The third did not come with a stopper.

    I'll post pictures of each in the comments. Number 1 is the smallest - about 2 inches tall/wide. Weighs exactly 2 1/2 ounces. This one has a slightly different color than the other two(although definitely alexandrite) and obviously is a different style. Thanks you again!!


    39836152312_c559f8aa19_kdev.jpg 39868712341_80ebb28f42_kdev.jpg 39868719321_0f2926bd30_kdev.jpg 28088764289_331a277320_kdev.jpg 39868703271_65454c923c_kdev.jpg 39836171982_b3cbb49e22_kdev.jpg 39836267752_5b30cdbd10_kdev.jpg
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    Bottle 2 - about 3 inches tall - substantially heavier than the first - thicker glass - and cut (maybe molded) at angles and polished. Triangular base. The outer rim of the mouth is hexagonal. Weighs 6.6 ounces.


    38969511165_fe9630e2a4_kdev.jpg 25995177308_c029133b75_kdev.jpg 28088790589_6ee62903cd_kdev.jpg 24997290987_9a61e1ada9_kdev.jpg 39868793391_708906a494_kdev.jpg 28088800129_188bd6b229_kdev.jpg 39158109254_2f824ce3fb_kdev.jpg 39836206722_bf8b20df31_kdev.jpg 38969613815_210265f819_kdev.jpg
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    Bottle 3 - heavier and bigger than number 2. About 3 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the widest point. Square base - but angled/polished sides like number 2. Unlike number 2 - this one has a round mouth rim. Weighs 10 1/2 ounces.


    38969578275_3134005e98_kdev.jpg 24997343977_8629af8227_kdev.jpg 39868857511_2d6fbe7103_kdev.jpg 39158136994_086eabcada_kdev.jpg 24997357977_846c4ee949_kdev.jpg 39158147174_dae9e09827_kdev.jpg
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    very nice......
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    The Ill Will generally tries to overcharge for anything nice they get, but once in a while they mess up. Love it when that happens!
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