Featured Trio: Signed Japanese? Bowls, Similarly Hand-Decorated: Age, Please?

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  1. wlwhittier

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    They are ~6" diameter, ~1 3/4" high, ~3 3/4" foot-rim diameter; their weights vary between ~8.8 oz to ~9.8 oz. They are faintly translucent. Their decorations are subtly individual, particularly in the size of, an' details within, the overlapping squares. All the decor is overglaze, inside an' out. Do any of you recognize this style, or the 5-character signature? Thanks for lookin'!

    P1410845.jpeg P1410847.jpeg P1410848.jpeg P1410849.jpeg P1410850.jpeg P1410851.jpeg P1410852.jpeg
  2. 916Bulldogs123

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    This may be Kutani Watano Sei.
    Watano Trading Company
    They had several marks.
    In any case, I would say Meiji Kutani 1868-1912
  3. wlwhittier

    wlwhittier Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Bulldogs!
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  4. Lucille.b

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    Gorgeous bowls!
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