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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Coyohtea, Apr 3, 2024.

  1. Coyohtea

    Coyohtea New Member

    I picked up a bunch of cuff links at an estate sale because I'm basically a crow and like to collect shiny trinkets. Out of curiosity I've started to attempt (attempt is being generous, maybe more like struggling to) find any information I can about them.

    I was so happy to find a stamp/engraving on one pair, thinking it would be easier to identify....Nope. I've tried image searching and every combination of "D" plus "Fleur de Lis" I can think of.

    They're gold tone with tiger's eye. Anyone have the slightest tidbit of info about these?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Debora

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  3. bosko69

    bosko69 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Coyote !
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  4. wlwhittier

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    Pretty catchy intro, Coyohtea...Glad to have you!
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  5. bluumz

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    Unfortunately, THEY don't know either.
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  6. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    Welcome and....no idea.
  7. Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie Well-Known Member

    ST Dupont like to do Fleur de lis on their products but I can't find a match on the mark.
  8. bosko69

    bosko69 Well-Known Member

    Nice Headline-Reminds me of Arch Oboler's classic 1940 radio series-'Sleep No More'...'It was one of the strangest cases I've ever encountered,the victim was obsessed with a pair of cuff links ! '.
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  9. drg642

    drg642 Well-Known Member

    I feel you, I have quite a few in my "research" drawers, waiting for an ID. Once in a blue moon I'll be researching something else, and find a match to one.
    I am equally haunted by the many unmarked pieces that seem too good not to be "something" and have many of those as well.
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