Two 8" statues. Any info? I'm finding very little to none. Thank you

Discussion in 'Art' started by James Desbiens, Oct 15, 2021.

  1. Van_Poperin

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    Don’t recognise the sculptor :( They appear to be children crushing grapes from the 19th century, very likely French. I imagine they’re copied from somewhere.
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  2. Van_Poperin

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  3. Van_Poperin

    Van_Poperin Well-Known Member

    Wayyy too many putto & grape scuptures out there, googling tells me… keep looking though, you’ll find the originals and artist name I’m sure!
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  4. verybrad

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    Appear to be decorative pieces cast in hydrocal. The mottled staining is pretty indicative of the material.
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