Unique yellow pitcher with flowers and initials on bottom

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    14D117E7-BEB9-43DA-97EF-B61A320F4221.jpeg BD593FA5-D217-4332-8D01-B0DED553BB25.jpeg Hello,

    I have not been able to gather any info on this piece. I can’t really make out what the initials are on the bottom. The handle is textured and it has that cracked look all over the glaze. The flowers are raised texture as well. Any help is appreciated! Thanks Chris AC8DED56-5CA7-46BF-ADB1-921E5DEF458E.jpeg
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    Stiff necks are no fun. . .

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    hello and welcome to the board.

    Your pitcher was a hobbyist piece. M.V.K. being the painters initials. Looks like they painted it in 1884.

    Painting china/ceramics was a popular past time. Ladies would buy white pottery and paint it.
    Yours is more interesting than the usual painted china.
    I like it.
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