Unmarked Large Transferware, very similar too 'J Kent Ye Olde Foley'

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    Recently found this item, and upon researching it I have found very similar examples in the Jame Kent, Ye Olde Foley range from the early 20th century, however all other example of that line I can find online are marked with the 'J Kent' mark, however my example is not marked

    In the images below there is an example from the James Kent line that is the exact same shape and size as mine with a very similar transfer design but it is marked

    Also from when I can tell from other images the crazing looks a little more defined on mine than it does on the others

    Is this a unmarked James Kent piece or is it something earlier?

    Unfortunately it has been repaired at some point but apart from that is in relatively good condition overall


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  2. Cervorn

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    Not sure why the image thumbnails are playing up, if you click on them all the images should load okay
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    Is yours discoloured? Seems that the one in the last pic is quite white. Don't know why yours wouldn't be marked similarly. Here's the history of the factory: https://www.thepotteries.org/allpotters/628.htm Maybe this is one from the 19th c?
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    Thanks for your response, no it's not discoloured thats a mistake on my part with bad lighting in the photographs

    I have been able to find the stamped J Kent example that is the exact same size and shape, but #I have been unable to find this exact design/transfer on another example (but have been able to find others with the exact same flowers), so i'm leaning towards it being a J Kent but an unmarked/stamped example
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