Unusual Vise/Jaws

Discussion in 'Tools' started by lptools, Apr 11, 2023.


What is this vise used for?

  1. I know exactly what this is used for.

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  2. I have one of these, and I know exactly what it is.

  1. lptools

    lptools Member

    Looking for info on this vise, around 10" long , 4" tall, 2" wide jaws, and weighs 8-1/2 pounds, wrench included. No visible markings!!

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  2. terry5732

    terry5732 Well-Known Member

    For holding work on a milling machine or drill press
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  3. lptools

    lptools Member

    Thanks for the reply , I will look into that. Do you know the specific purpose of the design of the jaws?
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