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  1. wcubed

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    I'm relocated to Florida. All my stuff is in storage. In the meantime, I am staying with my parents until I sell the house up north and buy another here. I figured as time permits, I'd post some of the things my mother has.

    This piece measures 7 3/8" across.

    It was very difficult to capture the color of the glass in natural light, a light greenish yellow.

    uranium 1.jpg

    Under blacklight is a very different story.

    uranium 2.jpg
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  2. flipper

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  3. wcubed

    wcubed Well-Known Member

    That's the color I couldn't capture!
  4. Marie Forjan

    Marie Forjan Well-Known Member

    Yes, Fenton basket weave.
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  5. ola402

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    Fenton called the color Topaz and it's Opalescent. But most folks just call it vaseline opalescent. Very nice.
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