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  1. J Dagger

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    This vase came in a group of a few items at auction. The other items were Chinese and I believe this was called Chinese too. It doesn’t strike me as overtly Chinese. If anything it looks more 30s-70s American to me. I’ll hold out the possibility they were right. If Chinese would it be a sancai glaze? I know sancai is often multicolor but it exists in monochrome too. The foot rim looks a bit odd to me. Almost like it’s tea stained or something. Maybe I’m seeing things as I’m sure this isn’t the type of vase anyone is faking even if it’s Chinese. Anyways any thoughts or ideas? 8727B95C-2B4A-4477-A888-97EB32D2FDC2.jpeg B1C94AC9-F020-4938-8297-AB334B43FD3E.jpeg FD5925B9-C414-4AB5-98C3-CF96E324952F.jpeg
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    Chinese pottery is not my area. All I can offer is that the top rim treatment doesn't look American. Almost looks like it could accommodate a cork and American vases just don't use that top shape (at least that I'm familiar with). This vase is very pleasant to the eye.
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    That’s a great point!!
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    Grueby made a very similar shape vase but I do not believe this to be Grueby. This may well be Asian in origin due to the way the glaze falls just short of the bottom dry ring. You don't see this much in American or European old pottery.
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  5. J Dagger

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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Brad.
    Edit: oh I just looked up Grueby vases. Would you mind changing your opinion to “you DO believe this to be Grueby”? They seem to bring a pretty penny. Glad to have made their acquaintance.
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