Vase signed Bosa

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  1. Hi Im stumped with the vase. Ive searched Bosa but very very different Ceramic? IMG_20191112_143750_resize_30.jpg IMG_20191112_143803_resize_24.jpg IMG_20191112_143803_resize_24.jpg
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  2. rink28

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    I found a "strypy bosa" online but not sure if that's what you have.
  3. I saw them too.. Love them. My vase looks like a big egg lol no stripes or design very simple with the copper accent on pedestal and rim.
  4. Joe in PA

    Joe in PA Art Pottery & Antiques dealer & lifelong collector

    Hi, It appears to be drilled to be a lamp. Do a search on Google for "Bosa lamp" and you can find several of these in the "images" results. A few sellers say "Vintage Ceramic Table Lamp by Bosa, 1980s, Italy".
    Best Regards, Joe
  5. Touchdry

    Touchdry Well-Known Member

    Nice one Joe ... there are a few of these there ...YEY!
  6. Hey Joe.. Oh thats a Hendrix song lol thanks for your info!. We noticed it IS a vase. So the egg shaped body is entirely sealed and fits on to the copper plinth that does have the hole. My partner pointed that out. But you still reckon 1980s and Bosa. Is it the same company as Bosa Ceramiche? Does anyone know how much it could be worth and where in Italy its from?
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  7. Joe in PA

    Joe in PA Art Pottery & Antiques dealer & lifelong collector

  8. Thats great Joe i'll read up on it... There a wee bit to get my teeth into there. I phoned a few antiques specialists here but the answer was the same you need to speak to an Italian antique specialist.Thanks for taking the time to help.. Appreciated :)
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