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  1. Chinoiserie

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    I found this vase earlier. It has a moorcroft look about it but not much by way of marks. It's about 7 or 8 inches tall. Does anyone recognise the mark on the base please?

    20230325_145755_copy_1041x1388.jpg 20230325_145804_copy_1176x1569.jpg 20230325_145810_copy_1280x960.jpg 20230325_145822_copy_1525x1143.jpg 20230325_145827_copy_1611x1208.jpg
  2. kentworld

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    Huh. That's a bit of a stumper. Continental? Geez, old brain is drawing a big fat blank!
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  3. Rclinftl

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    it is what is commonly referred to as standard glaze pottery - which is most often associated with American pottery houses - Owens - Weller - Rookwood etc...
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