Featured Victorian mourning bar + what were these?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by spartcom5, Jul 13, 2019 at 9:24 PM.

  1. spartcom5

    spartcom5 Well-Known Member

    Both of these items were $50 each. The mourning bar is onyx with 14k gold. Quite a bit bigger than others I have seen at about 14 grams. The clasp has evidently replaced with a more modern safety clasp. Small chip on the top right corner but you can't see it. Someone wanted to buy this from me at $150 but it's my only one so I declined!
    20190712_211234_resized.jpg 20190712_211324_resized.jpg

    Now these are some modified Victorian earrings and are 14k. Not great condition, some enamel missing, two seed pearls gone on one
    20190712_211346_resized.jpg 20190712_211403_resized.jpg
  2. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    Those look like a cuff link that got repurposed. The could also have been cuff buttons and someone sliced the back button bit off.
  3. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    The bar looks to be beautifully made. edit
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  4. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    They are beautiful, spart. Clasps are often replaced, that is no problem. It is a gorgeous bar.
    I'm with evelyb, the earrings were originally cuff links or cuff buttons.
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  5. Marie Forjan

    Marie Forjan Well-Known Member

    That bar is to die for!!!
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