Vintage brass German Clock

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  1. i am looking at buying this clock. The price is $500. Has key, all mechanical, keeps time. Appreciate your thoughts on questions i should ask the owner and thoughts on price? Thank you in advance.

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    Size? Photos and details of movement are essential to establishing value. Cheap or replaced movement hurts value. Better photo of face only would be nice.
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  5. What does that mean? Good spotting
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    @rink28 was able to track down your clock for you including a price, which hopefully provided you some good information to follow up with. I replied directly to his post and was complimenting him on his success.
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    sadly not. completely overpaid. copy of historism clocks from France or Germany.
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    Ah. Okay. I thought it was good catch. Seemingly not.
  9. I am down to purchasing for $300, does that price seem right or still too much? Appreciate thoughts before I buy tomorrow! Anything I should look for before I buy??
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    You are asking us a question only you can answer. If you like it $300. Plus shipping-worth, buy it. If you want it to resell, you will very likely lose money. Totally up to you.
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  11. It's $300, no shipping. I am buying as an investment hoping it's value will increase but if you don't think it's worth much or will ever be then maybe I pass. Curious why you believe it's a copy, I am not doubting, just asking. Thanks for your help!
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    Deleted comment.
  13. springfld.arsenal

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    I suggest you examine the movement and any markings on it. That should tell you a lot about the value. A cheap or replaced movement, even if body was original (Fid says it isn’t) is bad news. If you want to make an investment, buy some decent equities. Some I’d recommend right now include Apple, Google, Disney, The Trade Desk, Five Below, PayPal, Paycom C, and Blackrock, to name a few.
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  14. Thanks, never thought about stocks...
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