Vintage CAR side mirrors -- any car experts out there?

Discussion in 'Tools' started by Lucille.b, May 5, 2019.

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    Not exactly a tool and totally out of my field. Thinking vintage car side mirrors but is it possible to associate these this a certain type or brand of car? Wondering whether they are worth listing or donating. Mirrors pivot and seems like the glass might tinted, but might be wrong. Glass section is approx 4 3/4 inches in diameter. Thanks for taking a look.

    mir2.jpg mir3.jpg mir4b.jpg mir5.jpg
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  4. Shwikman

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    Yea. The OP’s are probably older repros. I could be wrong but I think the originals would’ve had a Fomoco part# or at least engineering #.
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    @Shwikman Apologies, there are numbers, but barely visible in photo 3. I forgot to mention that.

    Well, better late than never. Numbers: "R432" and "7".

    Realize these could still be older repros. They do appear to have been used (pitting) but were an estate purchase so I don't have any concrete history.

    Thanks to all for the help with these. Any additional thoughts with this new info about the numbers?

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    The Ford numbers are general a bit different. The factory originals may have also had some script on the leading face of the mirror head, “FoMoCo” possibly, I don’t quite remember though.
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    Thank you and others for taking a look. :)

    Much appreciated.
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  9. EddieG

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    Looks like they goto a Ford,Maybe Galaxie 500.
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    Thanks Eddie, Fig and others.

    Appreciate the help. :)
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