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Discussion in 'Tribal Art' started by trip98, Jun 13, 2024.

  1. trip98

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    Measures about 4" x 7 DSC_0939.JPG DSC_0936.JPG DSC_0935.JPG "
    Has a chip repair and a crack
    Wondering who made this and approx age
    Some red chalky marks

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  2. 2manybooks

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    Your bowl may be considerably older than "vintage". It looks very similar to other examples from the pre-columbian Chupicuaro culture, found in west Mexico. The red markings may be the remains of catalog numbers from a museum or private collection.





    Here is some additional information about the Chupicuaro culture -

    I do not know if this style of pottery is being reproduced by modern potters in Mexico, but yours has a genuinely old look.
  3. trip98

    trip98 Well-Known Member

    Yes, It could be! It is from a lot of very old NA and Mexican pots I bought about ten years ago. I didn't try selling it because of the damage and now I am going through boxes of old inventory in my garage and trying to figure out what what to do with them...
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  4. wlwhittier

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    That's a sweet piece of clay!
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