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    E2D2291D-54ED-4ED4-ADBF-AC214753934F.jpeg 676DA3AB-77FF-4A92-AA29-AFF739C5D5A7.jpeg E4271677-D15E-4AC0-9259-94EB55835BB2.jpeg 1F52464C-ED82-467F-A4A4-150F3912A395.jpeg
    I’ve been reading this as Louis Pacheco.
    I did see something about Luis, no “o” in spelling. Is this just a vintage decorative item? Doesn’t matter, I’m kinda used to it already.
    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Aquitaine

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    Nice......kind of has the look of a mini-Chiminea-back side!!!!! Like the coloring and texture.... but that's about all I've got!!!
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  3. Huntingtreasure

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    I’ll get the mini marshmallows!
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  4. Huntingtreasure

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    I see some known Santo Domingo Pueblo artists with this last name, but no Louis. Maybe a non famous relative. Oh well.... it’s a cheery color.
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