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    As far as the research I was able to do. These are three vintage prayer cards given to me. I was only able to confirm one card though. (They all came in the same envelope given to me).

    1) Card one is a Prayer to Saint Anne (1962)

    2) Card two is a Prayer To Our Guardian Angel (year unknown)

    3) Card three is Saint Christopher (year unknown)

    BB2E1DB7-9CDE-4D25-8B80-46683611B610.jpeg 7F323700-F3FF-424C-8D65-E8655DE88CEA.jpeg 5517DB39-27AE-4A71-B149-DC0D01599523.jpeg 96243FC4-1D2F-4F2C-8889-49A41F992FCC.jpeg
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