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Discussion in 'Art' started by johnnycb09, Apr 21, 2024.

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    Hi all. Didnt want to put this in finds because I feared it would get lost and Im so intrigued I need answers now ! :) Its 7 inches wide,on a Gibson plate. Obviously someone put the the kings on.They are metal,most likely pewter. Very MCM but Gibson isnt that old. A real mystery.Google images got me bupkas ,so I hope someone has an idea. Thanks in advance.
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    A King and two Queens. A King in the middle with gold crown and either side two figures that look feminine to me,so two Queens and each one appears to be holding an axe or halberd. Possibly King Francis II of France,who was married to Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots) Catholic on one side and on the other side Queen Elizabeth I (Queen of England) Protestant ,first cousins ,but bitter enemies.Best I can come up with.
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    Francis II was indeed married to Mary Stuart, but although he was king of Scotland through his marriage with Mary, at the time neither of them had any dealings with Elizabeth. Francis died at the tender age of 16. Difficulties between Mary and Elizabeth came later, after his death and Mary's return to Scotland.
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