What do I have here? looks like stamps Coca-Cola and KIK

Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by William Brummell, Aug 22, 2021.

  1. William Brummell

    William Brummell New Member

    235736229_143610297923456_2337386319900688673_n.jpg 239843335_1019746942092452_7026232145152012399_n.jpg 240466346_336224714915730_4560992725698166034_n.jpg 236492347_584232469421772_5576669144775881536_n.jpg 235840894_360148872253194_8762464867147097262_n.jpg 239709591_5979274545477275_4092250698065249862_n.jpg 235627064_599014618150304_6902179232504832465_n.jpg 236903673_551508442837271_5642727819388685417_n.jpg Hey Antiquers,

    What I have here is something strange and I don't know what they are called but can assume what they are used for. I know the history on one of the name's called KIK Canada's own Soft Drink from the late 1920's and ended in the late 1960's. What strikes me is The famous brand name.

    Did some research and can't find what they are or called. I can only assume stamping.

    They are Rubber, the back part is aluminum?
    They are flat plates.
    I do see ink or old paint on some of them with screw holes possibly.

    Biggest Thank you I can give in advance for everyone who can help with knowledge about these things
  2. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member

    It would be nice if you would edit your post & choose 'show all full size' for the pictures. That way we don't have to click so many thumbnails. Thanks!
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  3. Hollyblue

    Hollyblue Well-Known Member

    Printing plates
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  4. William Brummell

    William Brummell New Member

    my apology's, I will edit that and thank for letting me know this
  5. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member

    Great! Most people miss that trick the first time here.
  6. William Brummell

    William Brummell New Member

    are these by the original company's to print on their products or are they something anyone could buy and use for themselves. Thank you for the answer, I am now getting somewhere
  7. Hollyblue

    Hollyblue Well-Known Member

    They were made and used by what ever business was contracted to print the advertising/packaging,etc.
  8. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member

    The large Coca Cola says "bottles for deposit". Hold them up to a mirror to read everything they say. My mind/eyes don't want to cooperate this late at night to decipher more than that. :D
  9. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    i think these were used on crates...or cartons...holding the product...
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  10. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Moderator Moderator

  11. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    I don't understand why the KIK ones aren't reversed.
  12. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    That looks like a more recent KIK logo. Here's a bottle it can be seen on and note UPC. UPCs were launched in 1974 and didn't become widespread until about 10 years later. KIK was discontinued in Canada in 1984. So I'd think that was your window.


    Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 7.14.01 AM.png
  13. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    I think just the way he was originally holding it!!! Upside down & reversed...
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  14. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    Doh! I hadn't realized it was upside down.
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