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Discussion in 'Metalware' started by April07, May 27, 2020.

  1. April07

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    Obviously, this is a replica of British Open claret jug. My doubt is, however, when they were produced - the new ones that I see online have much less likeness, and also what is the material. Pewter? There is a mark on the handle I can't read.
  2. April07

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    100765637_189527635581264_1819710246688391168_n.jpg 99350960_252042416102964_8348085151065964544_n.jpg
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  3. Aquitaine

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    Hi April, really neat jug!! I've enlarged the mark on the handle but it's still unclear as you will see.....YOU may do better on the small letters around the edge of the "circle" with a loupe than I can see......the larger 'I THINK' looks like a 5 than either a messed up M or a combined DM mushed together....just don't know....but there appears to be something printed small to the left of the "5".....IF that's a '5' !! I just don't know about the strange curly-qs on the bottom of the "M".....

    HANDLE MARK-gigapixel-scale-4_00x.jpg
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  4. Aquitaine

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    Forgot....Hopefully others will jump on board with more info than I can provide!!
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  6. April07

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    I look forward to any ideas. Does anyone know about golf here?
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  7. Figtree3

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    @Aquitaine , you did such a good job with the mark that I thought I'd reply to bump this farther up. :)
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  8. April07

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  9. komokwa

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    i know golf...but not replica trophies...
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  10. springfld.arsenal

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    Take photos of underside to get age estimate. So far looks like 1970’s or later to me.
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