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    After hours of searching, I can't find anything similar! There is a slight embossed pattern of leaves at the top which may be hard to see, but which makes me think that it was mass produced. So why can't I find another? 4" high, 4 1/4" wide. IMG_6644.jpeg IMG_6643.jpeg IMG_6642.jpeg IMG_6641.jpeg IMG_6640.jpeg IMG_6639.jpeg IMG_6638.jpeg Thank you!
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    The red seems to be flaking off so has the piece been sprayed or painted? You should be able to tell by VERY lightly scrapping it with a sharp knife or gently rubbing it with wire wool ... perhaps on the underside of one of the legs.
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    Yeah.... get rid of the paint. Have seen these from time to time and always assumed them to be McCoy. Can't say I have ever verified that but has the earmarks.
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